FarmVille 2 Fall Harvest Crafting Recipes: Everything you need to know


If you're willing to spend some Farm Bucks for limited edition trees in FarmVille 2, you can now craft three new recipes, two of which include premium ingredients found in the Fall Harvest theme. A single Crabapple or Sugar Maple Tree costs 12 Farm Bucks, but you also have a slight chance of earning these items for free when tending your friends' trees, if they happen to have purchased them for their own farms. Regardless of how you earn them, once you start collecting Crabapples and Maple Syrup, you can start crafting two new recipes, along with one that is available for all users via a free crop.

Crab Apple Bread = 12 Eggs + 11 Crabapples

This recipe is incredibly dependent on Eggs, so make sure you have plenty of Chickens (or the Hen House) to keep yourself in a constant supply of Eggs. Since this recipe requires no additional crafting, it can be sold for high profit, with a single Bread selling for 3,040 coins.

Maple Scone = 2 Batter + 23 Maple Syrup

Just as the Crab Apple Bread required a ton of eggs, so too does this recipe require a ton of a particular ingredient. Here though, it's Maple Syrup, making the purchase of the premium Sugar Maple Tree even more "required" to actually create these Scones with any regularity. A single Maple Scone can be sold for 4,020 coins, but you'll also need to craft the Batters using Wheat and Eggs, so this recipe requires even more ingredients that it initially appears.

Corn Pudding = 5 Milk + 18 Painted Hill Corn

If you're not interested in purchasing premium trees, this recipe is definitely for you, as it can be created using Corn that's available for coins in the store. A single square of Painted Hill Corn costs 32 coins and takes four hours to grow, so you can quickly stock up on this Corn to make tons of Corn Pudding during the 20 days that the Corn is available to plant (and hopefully master) in the store. A single Corn Pudding sells for 2,010 coins, which may not be that impressive of a number (especially when compared to these other two Fall Harvest recipes), but when you factor in the ease with which it can be crafted, it's definitely worth it in the long run.

It's likely that these recipes will expire from the Crafting Kitchen in FarmVille 2 a few weeks after the Fall Harvest items themselves are no longer available, so keep that in mind as you make long term plans this month.

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What do you think of these three Fall Harvest crafting recipes? Will you purchase these Farm Bucks trees in order to craft these recipes, or will you just focus on crafting Corn Puddings? Sound off in the comments!