Election Day Housing Issues: What You Should Know As You Vote

It's Election Day, and we hope you're getting out to the polls to make your voice heard, but make sure you're making an informed decision.

Though the battered state of the housing market hasn't played a huge role in the debates, the next president will be responsible for steering the direction of the real estate recovery. Just today, it was reported that, in September, home prices posted their biggest gain for that month in 6 years. That's one reason economists have been saying lately that the housing recovery is in full swing.

President Barack Obama will tell you that this is because he took action fast to stabilize the market, putting in place several housing help programs to stave off the foreclosure crisis and holding corrupt lenders accountable for their actions.

But Republican challenger Mitt Romney contends that Obama's programs are a waste of taxpayer money, and their benefits to the housing market have been meager at best. (Obama's Home Affordable Modification Program, for example, has reached far fewer than its target of 4 million distressed homeowners.)

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