Bubble Island pops onto iOS devices with tried-and-true Blitz format

Bubble Island iOS
Bubble Island iOS

For the 1.3 million daily Bubble Island players out there, you're in luck. It looks like the Diamond Dash creator has given up on HTML5 and is hot on dedicated gaming apps, the second of which being Bubble Island on iOS devices. Essentially a free-to-play, touch-controlled port of the original Facebook game, Wooga's Bubble Island lets players enjoy this bubble shooter on the go with Facebook Connect.

But rather than the level-based progression of the original, players will compete on friendly and global leaderboards for the highest score in 60-second bursts. These new minute-long levels will be refreshed weekly with new bubble patterns and other challenges for players to overcome with boosts to unlock--like fireball, score and time boosts--and a Fire Mode much like that of Bubble Safari by Zynga.

Since the game can connect with Facebook, players can synchronize their scores, friends and boosts between both versions of the game. Of course, there are ways to get ahead faster than others, like buying coins through in-app purchases for more boosts. But you're a true bubble popping champion, so you won't be needing those ... right?

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