Stormfall: Age of War on Facebook speaks to players ... literally

Stormfall Age of War Facebook
Stormfall Age of War Facebook

In what seems to be a trademark for the Israeli social game studio, Plarium's latest game on Facebook comes not just with medieval kingdom building and asynchronous warfare. Stormfall: Age of War has what might be hours of voice-over work tucked into its numerous quests and achievements. Throughout your adventures in Stormfall, you'll be serenaded by the gruff tones of a regent lord.

And don't worry, worldly social gamers, that regent lord can talk your ear off in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian and Turkish. (There's no escape, really.) Of course, Stormfall is more than its immense voice work, but at a glance the strategy social game seems quite similar to the lot. Players will build up a kingdom, its inhabitants and most importantly, its military in order to dominate the land filled with friends and foes alike.

It all sounds terribly familiar, but Plarium likes to set itself apart with games that are oozing with production value and polish. In Stormfall (and like Pirates: Tides of Fortune before it), everything from the in-game animations to the user interface and environments are absolutely gorgeous. Hey, if you're going to be looking at a series of menus and interfaces for hours, they better look (and sound) fantastic. And that they do in Stormfall: Age of War flawlessly.
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