Smurf Life, another Smurfalicious Smurfs game, Smurfs mobile this year

Smurf Life
Smurf Life

Beeline Interactive, the mobile social gaming arm of Capcom, isn't satisfied with its millions made from Smurfs Village on iOS and Android. No, it's ready to make some more, with a brand new Smurfs game headed to mobile devices later this year: Smurf Life. What's different this time around is that you're not leading or guiding the Smurfs to happiness--you are the Smurf.

That's right, this take on the iconic, Belgian comic strip characters puts players right into the shoes of a Smurf. In fact, Papa Smurf will create you, so to speak, in a character creator screen before you're able to play the game. Then, it will be up to you to free the other, more recognizable Smurfs from an evil spell that none other than Gargamel has cast on them. You'll do that through mastering skills and gathering materials to build tools that will help in overcoming obstacles. How Smurfing vague!

Smurf Life is set to hit mobile devices, likely iOS and Android, later this year. And if the first Smurfs game from Beeline is any indication, you can almost certainly expect the game to be free-to-play. Oh, and don't be surprised if you get Smurfed with some advertisements for buying in-game items and boosts. Those were the jam.

[Via: Kotaku]

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