Watch as Punch Quest uppercuts your productivity into oblivion

Punch Quest
Punch Quest

That's an order. Welcome to your newest iPhone (or iPad ... or both) addiction: Punch Quest, the result of a brilliant collaboration between Rocket Cat Games and Madgarden. This is a glorious endless runner that takes the nostalgia of classics like Golden Axe and bakes it into the inherently addictive hooks of the mobile gaming staple.

And it's 100 percent free to play. While Punch Quest is certainly not without in-app purchases, the indie duo presents them in a way that isn't intrusive or gates you from just playing the dang game. (To that end, you might be moved to pony up a buck or two just to say, "Thanks, guys, for not being jerks about wanting to get paid.")

On its surface, this endless fighter (called it) looks like another jab at Jetpack Joyride and Canabalt. But unlock a few special abilities and upgrades, and an immense, deep combat system opens up before you. But only if you want it to, though you probably will. That's because Punch Quest is all about the combos, and it's in your best interest to keep them going for as far as your thumbs will take you.
Throw in an overarching quest system that asks players to change up their play style to earn bonus Punchos (you know, to buy more ways to punch things), and you have all the trappings of the next iOS hit. What Punch Quest does present what players look back on with rose-colored glasses through frames comprised of intensely addictive play hooks. But less talky ... more punchy.

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