Train Obama, Romney's competition in Vote For Me on iOS, Android

Vote For Me iOS Android
Vote For Me iOS Android

Whenever you ask folks these days who they think will win this year's U.S. presidential election, they usually respond with a little something like this: "I don't really like either of them." If that's truly the case, then maybe you can do the country one better. Cue French mobile game developer POLM Studio and their next release, Vote For Me on iOS and Android devices.

Available for free on both platforms, Vote For Me puts players into the shoes of a campaign adviser ... and just about everyone else that helps get a presidential hopeful or incumbent in front of the American people in time for Nov. 6. Players will choose a party to champion, with Republican/Democratic being the easiest, Independent a bit more difficult and the Green and Tea Parties being the most challenging.
From there, it's up to players to keep their candidates image as pristine as possible, which will of course be challenged by debates, events ripped from the headlines and more. But to keep the competition on its toes, you can always get them caught in a scandal that'll sully their reputation. Fittingly enough, players can purchase "Super PACs," the game's paid currency, to get ahead even faster. Adorable, isn't it?

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