Wall Street Watch this Week: Groupon May Become a Better Deal

Groupon deal
Groupon deal

Poor Groupon (GRPN).

The daily deals leader has had one of the worst post-IPO performances of the past year. Groupon went public last November at $20, and went on to shed roughly 80% of its value.

Things didn't get any better for the dot-com disappointment last month. The stock took a hit -- and not even for anything that Groupon itself actually did. It was a lousy report by LivingSocial -- Groupon's rival -- showing slowing growth and an actual decline in sequential revenue. And LivingSocial isn't even public: Its quarterly financials are disclosed because Amazon.com (AMZN) is a significant investor.

Groupon, too would have posted a sequential slip if it wasn't for its Groupon Goods addition.

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Well, this week Groupon will have its own moment to prove itself worth or validate the pessimism. Analysts see a small profit out of Groupon when it reports on Thursday.

If there's any company that could use a break, it's Groupon. Financial journalists loved to point out how the stock itself had become a 50%-off deal when it slipped below $10. Now that the shares have been halved again, a 50%-off deal on a 50%-off deal is just painful.

Other Things Worth Watching

• Better news for investors will probably be there for the picking when Whole Foods Market (WFM) reports on Wednesday. The leading grocer of organic and natural foods has been on a roll lately. Whole Foods Market has come through with several quarters of strong store-level sales growth. An improving economy is finding more shoppers that traded down during the recession coming back to the upscale grocer.

• Disney (DIS) turned heads with its $4.05 billion acquisition of Lucasfilm last week. Both companies got together for a press conference to explain the deal, but if there were any unanswered questions -- you know, stuff like if Princess Leia will be added to the Disney Princess line or if a new ride will be added to one of its parks ahead of the 2015 release of the seventh film in the Star Wars sage -- a good place for them to be asked would be when the family entertainment giant hosts its quarterly earnings call on Thursday.

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