FarmVille Mystery Game (11/04/12): Woodland Mist items add a colorful pop to your farm

This week's FarmVille Mystery Game goes along with the current Woodland Mist limited edition item theme, so if you want to collect one of every item in this entire nature-inspired theme, you've got a really expensive journey ahead of you. There are six new animals available to win, along with a new decoration, and we're here with a look at the contents of this new Mystery Game, with details and images being discovered by FarmVilleFreak. This week's game costs 20 Farm Cash to play, and for that price, you'll have a chance to win one of the following six prizes.

Blue Elk
Carrot Bunny
Fairy Tortoise
Violet Mini Horse
Woodland Fox
Woody Tree House

If you win one of each of these six prizes, you'll receive an Acorn Woodpecker at no additional cost. Remember, this item isn't really "free," as you'll likely need to spend dozens or hundreds of Farm Cash to win all six of the above prizes, unless you happen to have enough saved Mystery Darts from previous events or are simply really lucky. Either way, this set of seven items will only be available for a limited time (one week, as the event suggests), so make sure to play early and often for your chance to win. Good luck receiving the item(s) you're most interested in!

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Did you try your luck at this week's FarmVille Mystery Game? Which prize(s) did you win? Did you win the items you were hoping to receive? Sound off in the comments!