FarmVille: Mistletoe Lane arrives early, weeks before Thanksgiving

FarmVille Mistletoe Lane
FarmVille Mistletoe Lane

This whole "Christmas is synonymous with winter" trend needs to end, and Zynga isn't exactly helping. The folks behind FarmVille have announced that the farming simulator's seventh--that's not a typo--expansion is available for early access. It's called Mistletoe Lane, and if the title didn't give it away, this is the game's second Holiday-themed expansion.

If players want to pony up the 35 Farm Cash, or about $7 USD, they can take the fast track to Mistletoe Lane to help the witch sisters of Haunted Hollow (the game's previous expansion) once again. That's right: Lillian, Belinda and Rose Tiller need your aid once more to help their brother Nick bring the Christmas--ahem, holiday--cheer back to the place since its sole toy factory shut down years ago.
Some elves named Zing and Zang, Mistletoe Lane's mailman, Gordon Krumbug, and a special guest from up north round out the cast of characters that players will meet in the brand new, major FarmVille update. And where Haunted Hollow's hook was a photo-sharing contest, the hook in Mistletoe Lane seems to be decorating the ever-loving crap out of your farm. The more decorations your holiday farm has, the more special ornaments and holiday animals you'll earn as prizes.

Here are just some of the cutesy rewards you'll earn: a holly-adorned horse, a silver bell wrapped seal, a reindeer and a basket of cuddly kittens. (Dawww!) FarmVille Mistletoe Lane is available now to players Level 15 and up for 35 Farm Cash, but will be open to all players come Nov. 19. If you ask this editor, he's holding out for FarmVille 2: Poinsettia Place.

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