FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Patisserie: Everything you need to know

As you start to make some progress in FarmVille's Mistletoe Lane, you'll quickly be required to start crafting items in the Patisserie, your themed crafting building on this new farm. This Patisserie looks like it should be connected to some sort of vehicle, but it sits stationary on your farm and can be upgraded as you would expect. You'll have just three recipes to choose from at the beginning, and will unlock more as you continue to craft items within it. Here's a look at the available recipes and their requirements.

Level 1

Benne Cake

  • 3 Honey Ginger Bushels

  • 2 Wax Bean Bushels

  • 1 Lavender Bushel

Holiday Pudding

  • 1 Winter Squash Bushel

  • 2 Cider Apple Bushels

  • 2 Coffee Bushels

Apple Cider

  • 2 Cider Apple Bushels

  • 1 Holiday Poinsettia Bushel

  • 2 Rye Bushels

Level 2

Hot Mint Chocolate

  • 2 Choco Mint Bushels

  • 2 Winter Grain Bushels

  • 2 Peppermint Bushels

Holiday Stew

  • 2 Potatornament Bushels

  • 2 Flint Corn Bushels

  • 2 Tomato Bushels

Holiday Cookies

  • 1 Winter Grain Bushel

  • 2 Cider Apple Bushels

  • 2 Sugar Can Bushels

You won't unlock the recipes in Level 2 of this Patisserie until you've leveled up your Level 1 recipes at least six times. This requires lots of repetitive cooking, but you'll need to cook recipes to complete goals, so you'll actually end up multitasking via the simple design of the building and the overall Mistletoe Lane farm. Still, it's definitely worth keeping an extra eye on this building to make sure you're always cooking something, or looking for your friends' bushels if you're not. Good luck unlocking the rest of the Patisserie recipes!

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What do you think of these recipes in the Mistletoe Lane Patisserie? Is there any one particular dish that you'll try to completely master first? Sound off in the comments!