FarmVille Mistletoe Lane: Our guide to earning Cheer Points this holiday


In the last few FarmVille expansions, we've seen Zynga releasing a separate experience point system that's exclusive to those expansions, such as Spook Points in the Haunted Hollow Halloween expansion. Now that we've been given a chance to purchase Early Access into Mistletoe Lane, we've found that this system is back again in the form of Cheer Points.

Cheer Points can be earned in a variety of ways, starting with the photography feature that makes a return from Haunted Hollow. Each week, you'll be encouraged to take a picture on your Mistletoe Lane farm, and will then be able to receive votes from the FarmVille community based on how much they liked your picture. You can also vote on other players' pictures, and will receive Cheer Points for doing so. As a hint, if you use this method to earn Cheer Points as soon as you arrive in Mistletoe Lane, you can easily boost yourself to Level 3 in a matter of seconds.

Most of the game's other methods for earning Cheer Points match those that would earn you traditional XP back on your Home Farm. You'll earn Cheer Points by purchasing limited edition or otherwise themed Mistletoe Lane content in the store, using potions like Instagrows on your Crops, Flower Blooms, Trees or Animals, purchasing Land Expansions for your Mistletoe Lane farm and even opening up the Tree Stumps that you'll find scattered around your farm upon first arriving.

As you continue to earn Cheer Point levels in Mistletoe Lane, you'll unlock additional items for purchase in the store, like a Festivus Pole that unlocks at Level 5, or a Cobble Fence that unlocks at Level 11, as two examples. If you're interested in learning which items are locked to which Cheer Levels, simply enter the store and look under the Decorations section. when you see an item that's "Locked," just hover your mouse over the "Locked" button to see the Cheer Level required. Good luck unlocking all of these items before Christmas!

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What do you think of the specific Cheer Point level in Mistletoe Lane? If you've already started in Mistletoe Lane, which Cheer Point level have you reached so far? Sound off in the comments!