FarmVille Mistletoe Lane Chapter 1 Goals: Everything you need to know

As part of Zynga's incredibly early Christmas celebration in FarmVille, players that are willing to shell out the 35 Farm Cash for early access to Mistletoe Lane are greeted with weeks of exclusive content that won't be available to those that wait for free access to release later this month. For instance, as soon as you arrive in Mistletoe Lane, you'll have the ability to complete a series of six new goals, earning items like Silver Jackalopes and Baby Llamas along the way. We're here with a look at this first chapter of goals in Mistletoe Lane, thanks to Zynga.

A Step A-Herd

  • Get 6 Animal Scarves

  • Harvest 20 Winter Grain

  • Make Holiday Pudding 1 Time

For this "Animal Scarves" task and all others in this series that ask you to "get" a specific item, you'll need to ask your friends to send them to you via either a general news post placed on your wall or individual requests sent to your friends. You can also purchase them outright for Farm Cash. As for the Winter Grain, you'll need to plant these 20 squares as quickly as possible, as they take a full day to grow.

Luckily, there's not a limit to plot squares in Mistletoe Lane, so you can plant these 20 squares and let them grow while also growing other themed crops on your new farm at the same time. Finally, the Holiday Pudding can be prepared in your Patisserie (the crafting building in Mistletoe Lane) using one Winter Squash, two Cider Apple and two Coffee Bushels. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 150 XP, a Baby Llama and 3,000 coins.

Sneek Peak

  • Get 8 Brass Spyglasses

  • Harvest 30 Cider Apples

  • Complete 1 Animal Workshop

The Cider Apples take 16 hours to grow, so it might be smart to plant these at the same time as you plant the Winter Grain above, just so you won't have to wait another 16 hours for them to grow when reaching this second goal. As for the Animal Workshop, this is the unfinished building project that will be available upon your arrival in Mistletoe Lane, and it requires 12 Grains of Sugar, 13 Grains of Spice and 14 "Everything Nice" to finish. You'll need to ask your friends to send you those materials. When you finish this second goal, you'll earn a Frosted Manor, 200 XP and 3,500 coins.

Festive Findings

  • Get 8 Holiday Garlands

  • Harvest 40 Winter Squash

  • Make Benne Cake 2 Times

The Benne Cake is the first recipe available to craft in the Patisserie, and it requires three Honey Ginger, two Wax Beans and one Lavender bushel. You'll have one ready when you first arrive in Mistletoe Lane, and will then need to craft another to finish this task. Again, the Winter Squash takes a day to craft, so make sure to plan ahead with your crop planting as much as you can, while also accounting for crop wither, to have an easier time of completing these goals. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 250 XP, a Holiday Square Tower and 4,000 coins.

Outdoor Oddities

  • Get 8 Wood Canteens

  • Harvest 50 Potatornaments

  • Make Holiday Pudding 2 Times

No, that's not a typo--the crop for this particular goal is a potato that's designed to look like an ornament, and a single square of these Potatornaments will take 12 hours to harvest. Again, the Holiday Pudding can be crafting in the Patisserie, so make sure to make use of your daily ability to collect bushels from friends so that you don't have to earn all of those bushels by yourself. Completing this goal gives you 300 XP, a Hot Spring Nessie decoration and 4,500 coins.

Snowflake Fruit Fun

  • Get 9 Stringed Snowflakes

  • Harvest 60 Wax Beans

  • Make Benne Cake 2 Times

Wax Beans take 16 hours to grow, continuing in this goal series' dependence on long growing time crops. It's worth repeating that you aren't limited to the amount of squares you can plant on this new farm at once, so feel free to plant multiple crops at once to fulfill these goals' tasks ahead of time. When you finish this goal, you'll earn a Hanging Snowflake Tree, 350 XP and 5,000 coins.

Frosty Field Frolicker

  • Get 10 Exploring Lanterns

  • Harvest 70 Winter Grain

  • Make Apple Cider 2 Times

As a reminder, Winter Grain takes a full day to grow, and the amount required means that you'll need to plant a tons of squares right from the beginning of this farm's life cycle, or else choose to plant multiple waves of these crops over several days. With these goals having a time limit though, that's definitely not the most productive way to do things. Either way, the Apple Cider can be crafted using two Cider Apple, one Holiday Poinsettia and two Rye bushels. When you finish this final goal in the Chapter 1 series, you'll receive 400 XP, a Silver Jackalope and 5,500 coins.

You'll only have a week to finish this entire goal series, so make sure you plan ahead and use your time wisely in terms of planting crops in bulk or using Insta-grows to finish them all in time.

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What do you think of the requirements and prizes in this first chapter of Mistletoe Lane's story? Do you think these goals and prizes are worth paying the 35 Farm Cash to access? Sound off in the comments!