FarmVille Holiday Animal Workshop: Everything you need to know


In a feature that's similar to the Potion Shop in FarmVille's Haunted Hollow, new farmers in Mistletoe Lane will be greeted with an incomplete building project in the form of the Holiday Animal Workshop. This building requires bundles of three different building materials to complete, and from there, will allow players to collect various "Animal Spirits" to eventually unlock a variety of stuffed animals inside the Workshop.

The Animal Workshop requires 20 each of Grains of Sugar, Grains of Spice and "Everything Nice" to complete, but if you've paid for Early Access to the farm, you'll find that it comes with some building materials waiting for you, lessening your own work to finish it off. In our case, we were given eight Grains of Sugar, seven Grains of Spice and six "Everything Nice" items, leaving us to only collect what remains. All three of these items are earned by sending out individual requests to your FarmVille neighbors, so make sure to use your entire supply of daily friend requests within the game to earn as many items as quickly as you can.

Once you finish the Holiday Animal Workshop, you'll be able to collect from it once per day to not only earn mastery points for the animals inside (the ones that you manually place inside, that is), but will also have a chance to earn various Animal Spirits. Like DNA in the Dino Lab, these Animal Spirits can be combined to create "mystery animals" within the Holiday Animal Workshop, and we'll make sure to update this space as we learn more about the different combinations of requires Animal Spirits, along with the prizes you can win.

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