Monster Crew on iOS proves that all endless runners aren't the same


While it may be a few days late for Halloween, BonusXP's Monster Crew on iOS is set to give monster fans something to experience all year round. This endless runner comes with a deeper storyline than most, along with a twist on the traditional gameplay often found in the genre. In Monster Crew, a young boy, obsessed with creatures like Frankentstein's Monster, has his trading cards stolen by a madman in a tall castle. Determined to retrieve his cards, our hero enters the castle, only to be turned into Frankenstein's Monster himself. It's then an all out battle between Frankentstein's Monster and the many creatures that inhabit the castle, from walking skeletons to ghosts, spiders and more.

Unlike other endless runners like Jetpack Joyride or Sea Stars (as examples), that see you forever running from the left to the right side of the screen, Monster Crew sees players running in both directions via the inclusion of an elevator system. As players climb the castle, they'll head from left to right on one floor, and then from right to left on the next, continuing this cycle until they eventually run out of health points. Trading cards allow for boosts of health or coins, and a mission system will see the game's storyline progressing through a few chapters. There's even the ability to bounce on monsters' heads in a light combat system that focuses more on timing than luck. Unfortunately, this combat system takes some getting used to, as you'll need to tap on the screen to jump and then tap at exactly the right time to send your character smashing into the creature below. If creatures were stationary, this wouldn't be such a big issue, but many move along your current floor, making them more difficult to hit.


While Monster Crew is free to play, it's monetized via trading cards that can be purchased in the store, and the ability to purchase a "continue," if you happen to die before you're ready to quit playing. If you're unwilling to purchase new cards with real money, the gameplay here can quickly become repetitive, even if the level design is randomized each time you play. The few free bonuses you'll receive on each floor (like the ability to boost your health by 50 points or receive a free bundle of 50 coins) are appreciated, but you'll really need to invest a serious amount of time with the game if you wish to make major progress while also keeping the game free.

Monster Crew is ultimately a fun little iPhone and iPad that comes with enough twists to be intriguing, but like all endless runners, can become repetitive after lengthy play sessions. Still, it's free to download and try, so it's definitely worth giving a shot.

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