CityVille Crop Circle Sighting: Everything you need to know


If you're still working on completing your UFO in CityVille, a new "Crop Circle" item has been released that will help you do just that. This Crop Circle can be harvested from to receive UFO Materials, but you'll need to expand your town out to this item before you can use it. If you've already fully expanded your town, you'll simply find this Crop Circle in your inventory, but for everyone else, we're here with a guide to help you out.

Crop Circle Sighting

  • Expand to the Crop Circle

  • Harvest 75 Crops

  • Harvest 5 UFO Materials from the Crop Circle

Since it doesn't matter which kinds of crops you plant and harvest, you can feel free to plant something with a very short growth time to get this out of the way quickly. Or, if you're working on harvesting crops from another item, feel free to continue planting and harvesting those to complete two tasks at once.

Meanwhile, you'll find the Crop Circle likely located one or two squares away from your current city's limits, depending on how much you've already expanded your town prior to this goal's launch. You'll need to reach it by collecting Zoning Permits and adding population to your town, but it won't be hard to miss due to the fact that it's a massive item that takes up the size of one full expansion.

After you've reached the Crop Circle, you'll need to staff it with 12 friends in order to actually complete the "building." Once that's done, you'll be able to collect from the Crop Circle once every 24 hours. If you've already finished the construction of your UFO and don't really need the Crop Circle, it can also be freely stored later (again, it's massive, so that might be the way to go). Completing this overall goal gives you seven energy and 500 XP. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Crop Circle? Have you already expanded to the full game board in CityVille, or will you have to work a bit to reach this Crop Circle? Sound off in the comments!