The Moustaches of Movember come to Oregon Trail: American Settler on Android

In news that can be considered both hilarious and heartwarming, Gameloft has announced a partnership with Movember, the mustache-growing charity that raises awareness about men's health every November. Throughout the month of November, Android players of The Oregon Trail: American Settler can choose from a series of mustaches for their in-game characters, all to help support the cancer fighting Movember cause.

In addition, this latest app update offers new in-game bonuses for your homestead, along with new outfits that will allow you to further customize the look of both your Ma and Pa characters. This update unfortunately isn't available on iPhone or iPad as of this writing, but it will be added at a later date.

For more information about the Movember charity and how you can help the cause, make sure to check out the "Moustaches of Movember" website, and look for the iOS app update for The Oregon Trail: American Settler to launch in the coming days.

Click here to download Oregon Trail: American Settler on Google Play >

What do you think of this humorous update to Oregon Trail: American Settler? Have you updated your characters with any of these new mustaches? Sound off in the comments!

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