FarmVille Day of the Dead Items: Festival Tree, Catrina Duck and more


In celebration of the Day of the Dead holiday, which sees many cultures around the world celebrating the lives of those who have passed on, Zynga has updated the FarmVille marketplace with a large selection of themed trees, animals, decorations and more that are available to purchase for a limited time. We're here with a look at these colorful items, so let's get started


Festival Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Calaveritas Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Papel Picado Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Papel Flower Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Pan De Muerto Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Tres Leches Tree - 12 Farm Cash
Aztec Crown Tree - 8 Farm Cash
La Rosa Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Bulltrina - 20 Farm Cash
Festival Chihuahua - 10 Farm Cash
Catrina Duck - 16 Farm Cash
Purple Nightcorn - 30 Farm Cash
Aztec Cat - 2 million coins or 12 Farm Cash
Pumpkin Pegacorn - 30 Farm Cash
Quetzalcoatl - 20 Farm Cash
Festive Pegacorn - 30 Farm Cash
Painted Coyote Pup - 14 Farm Cash
Marigold Pegasus - 30 Farm Cash
Picado Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Tortoise - 2 million coins or 10 Farm Cash


Festival Stall - 15 Farm Cash
Marigold House - 15 Farm Cash


Papel Picado Fence - 5,000 coins per piece
Cactus Eagle - 7 Farm Cash
Sugar Flies - 5 Farm Cash
Marigold Fountain - 10 Farm Cash
Trumpet Gnome - 10 Farm Cash
Marigolds Archway - 1 Farm Cash
Painted Bird - 5 Farm Cash
Folk Art Gallery - 10 Farm Cash
Frida Gnome - 12 Farm Cash
Festival Planters - 5,000 coins

Even though many of these items cost Farm Cash to purchase, at least some are cheap enough (like the Marigolds Archway) that they can be purchased by most FarmVille players without spending additional real world money on them. These items will be available for anywhere from 9-13 more days, depending on the item, so feel free to use the store's search bar to find a specific item that you're interested in purchasing before they expire from the store.

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What do you think of these many colorful "Day of the Dead" items? Will you purchase any of them for your farms? Which ones? Let us know in the comments!