CityVille Monopoly Walmart Goals: Everything you need to know


In celebration of the launch of the CityVille Monopoly board game in Walmart stores, Zynga and Walmart have partnered to bring a themed set of three goals that we can complete over the next 19 days. We're here with a look at these goals, so let's get started!

CityVille Monopoly Board Game in Walmart Stores Now!

  • Place Walmart

  • Collect 10 CityVille Monopoly Board Games

  • Visit the CityVille Monopoly Board Game Product Page

Since cross-promotion is the name of the game, you'll be asked to head outside of CityVille to the Hasbro website, where you can learn more about Zynga-branded Hasbro products. Once you head to this website, you can simply close it immediately to see that the checkmark has appeared next to this task in your goal menu. As for the Walmart store, it can be placed just like any other business, and then built with six energy. From there, you can open the business with 260 Goods, and can collect the 10 CityVille Monopoly Board Games by collecting from the Walmart after it has finished selling those Goods. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 1,000 Goods and 200 XP.

Collect Rent From Your Properties!

  • Collect 15 Pigeon Movers

  • Collect from 20 Residences

  • Have 3 Parking Lots

The Pigeon Movers are collected once again from Walmart stores. It's worth noting now that if you haven't been able to build the Walmart in your town because you don't live in the US, you should be able to build a "Mega Shopping Center" to complete these goals that way. Either way, this goal can be finished by purchasing three Parking Lots at 10 coins each. When you finish this second goal, you'll receive 300 XP and 15 energy.

False Alarm!

  • Collect from the Police Station 3 Times

  • Collect from Walmart 10 Times

  • Send Train Routes 6 Times

Just as in the other goals, this final goal has much more to do with repeatedly collecting and supplying your new Walmart / Mega Shopping Store than it does anything else. In this case, you can collect from any level police station, regardless of how many times you've leveled it up, and must simply keep a constant stream of Goods flowing to your Walmart store to finish this goal. If you're in a hurry, you can finish this one off by sending the shortest train route possible: Choo Choo Charlie, which requires just five minutes to complete. For finishing this final goal, you'll receive a Monopoly Board for your town. This serves as a decoration that gives a 27% bonus payout boost to surrounding homes and businesses in your town.

It's always possible that a similar promotion (that is, one dealing with Zynga board games) could launch across other Zynga games on Facebook, and we'll make sure to let you know if that ends up happening. Stay tuned!

[Goals 2-3 Via CityVille Wiki]

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What do you think of these Walmart goals in CityVille? Do you think you'll be able to finish them all off within the 19 days that we have remaining? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!