The Sims Social Magic Week Quests: How to finish them fast

The Sims Social Magic Week screens
The Sims Social Magic Week screens

There's some magic brewing in Littlehaven, and it's up to you young sorcerer to wage the battle between good and evil and help the White Wizard defeat the Dark Wizard's wicked plan this week in The Sims Social. So, will you help the true White Wizard Alminister overcome his arch enemy, evil spell-casting sorcerer, Mouldywart?

It's not every day you can be a sorcerer's apprentice. It's a week full of Simlish Sorcery, with oodles of magical brews, spells, recipes and even a flying dragon. Be fierce, and don't be fooled my dear Sim. May the magic be with you, thanks to this guide courtesy of The Sims Social team at Playfish.

Step 1 – A Sorcerous Scheme

  • Buy and place the Gaia Magic Beanstalk

  • Complete the Gaia Magic Beanstalk

  • Catch frogs

Visit the store and buy the Gaia Magic Beanstalk for 400 Simoleons. You will need a total of seven collectibles–two Dreams, two Love and three Magic Flowers to build the beanstalk. You will find frogs around you house, just click on them to catch them. Rewards: 10 LP, 20 XP, 15 Simoleons

Step 2 – A Sorcerous Scheme

  • Pick Magic Powder

  • Research Alminister

  • Check ears for Magic Powder

Click on the Magic Beanstalk and then select the option 'Pick Magic Powder' to complete the task. You can 'Research Alminister' by clicking on a computer or a bookcase and then selecting the option. To check ears for Magic Powder, just click your Sims and select the option. Rewards: 15 LP, 15 XP, 15 Simoleons, Blue Wizard Hat

The Sims Social Magic Week quests
The Sims Social Magic Week quests

Step 3 – A Bad Queso Body Odor 1

  • Have a Chat

  • Research Magic

  • Wear any Witch's or Wizard's hat

Find Elves around your house and click on them and select the option 'Have Chat'. Click on a computer or a bookshelf and then select the option 'Research Magic'. Play the part and wear a Witch's or Wizard's hat – check your storage you should have one kept away or you could always visit the shop and buy one. Rewards: 20 LP, 20 XP, 20 Simoleons

Step 4 – A Bad Queso Body Odor 2

  • Buy the Jinxy Broomstick skill item

  • Master the Jinxy Broomstick skill item

  • Collect Magic Flowers

Buy the Jinxy Broomstick from the store. It cost 800 Simoleons. Once you have it you can start mastering this athletic skill item by completing all 10 of the required steps. Rewards: 20 LP, 25 XP, 25 Simoleons, Sorcerer's Robe

Step 5 – A Spell of Tranquility 1

  • Get the Magic Circle and complete the first stage

  • Cast a Building Spell

  • Pick Magic Powder

Get the Magic Stone circle from the shop and complete the first stage by completing all four steps. Click on your Sim and then choose the option 'Cast a Building Spell'. Then pick Magic Powder by clicking on the Magic Beanstalk and selecting that option. Rewards: 20 LP, 25 XP, 25 Simoleons

Step 6 – A Spell of Tranquility 2

  • Complete the Magic Circle

  • Cast a Spell in the Magic Circle

  • Ask your friends to help break the curse

Complete the entire Magic Stone Circle project by complete all three stages, four steps each. Then go ahead and have some fun by clicking on it and casting spells. Remember you need to cast five spells to complete this task. Post a feed asking your friends to help you break the curse and get two friends to help. Rewards: 30 LP, 30 XP, 30 Simoleons, Ye Olde Stack of Books

The Sims Social Magic Week images
The Sims Social Magic Week images

If you complete all these tasks in time you will not only become the ultimate sorcerer of Littlehaven but will also receive your very own Lucky Dragon Mount.

Collectibles Required:
Magic Broomstick:
Dreams (2), Muse (2), Goodwill (6), Magic Powder (6), Magic Flower (3), Entertainment (2), Wizard's Wand (7), Buzz (4), Red Flower (4), Purple Flower (2), Book of Spells (2), Magic Certificate (4), Hope (2)

Magic Stone Circle:
Muse (5), Dreams (2), Goodwill (6), Love (5), Magic Powder (9), Fury (2), Wizard's Wand (22), Book of Spells (15), Magic Flower (9), Rocks (4), Magic Certificate (12)

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