Here's what you'll embark on in Knightly Adventure [Exclusive Video]

Knightly Adventure videos
Knightly Adventure videos

The creators of those charming, gorgeous HTML5 games on Facebook are poised for something completely different. This is Knightly Adventure, Seoul, Korea-based Pangalore's upcoming city-builder-meets-action-RPG that sees players inherit a kingdom that A) needs building from the sorry state it's in when you arrive on its island, and B) needs defending from all sorts of baddies that want to keep it that way. To give a better taste of what Knightly Adventure is all about, Pangalore provided us with these two exclusive videos.

First up is your kingdom, the place that will fuel your adventures with crafted equipment and weapons, healing potions and, yes, new skills to wallop enemies with. Have a look at what building your kingdom is like in Knightly Adventure above.

Next is what you've all been waiting for: the combat. Quests in Knightly Adventure are simple enough. But what might draw hardcore crowds in is that you don't have to wait for friends to go dungeon crawling--you can rope their avatars in asynchronously. Shootin' and lootin' with buds on your own terms? We could get down with that. Let these videos hold you over until our hands-on preview of Knightly Adventure lands soon.

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