FarmVille 2: These Crafting Kitchen recipes will be removed this month

Over the past few weeks, we've seen a slew of new recipes launch in FarmVille 2's Crafting Kitchen, giving you a chance to put your limited edition trees and crops to good use, potentially earning tens of thousands of coins in the process. Unfortunately, just as some of the game's crops (Wolfsbane for example) have expired from the game, so too are these recipes going to eventually be deleted.

If you're hoping to craft anything from Vanilla Cream Puffs to Blood Orange Lemonade (with plenty of recipes in between), your final date to do so will be November 13. After that day, these recipes will no longer be available, and you'll be left with incomplete or otherwise useless ingredients that will need to be sold outright for far less coins than you might be able to earn now, when the recipes are still available.

Here's a breakdown of the recipes that will be expiring on November 13:

  • Powdered Sugar

  • Vanilla Cream Puffs

  • Vanilla Cream

  • Apple Candy

  • Skeleton Cookies

  • Garlic Bread

  • Ghoulish Ganache

  • Witchin' Batter

  • Scarycake

  • Blood Orange Galette

  • White Pumpkin Pie

  • Blood Orange Lemonade

Since these recipes rely mostly on ingredients that players are no longer even able to plant and therefore harvest, the loss of these aren't really that disappointing, although I do personally wish that Vanilla Cream Puffs (and the Vanilla crop) would be released permanently due to their high sell price. Either way, these recipes aren't the only ones that will expire this month, as the three Southwestern Spice recipes, Pinion Bread, Spicy Queso and Desert Fresca, will expire on November 20.

It's likely that just as these recipes disappear, more will be released in their place for us to collect and craft. We'll make sure to let you know if that happens, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of these recipes leaving the game? Would you like to see any of them made into permanent additions in the game? Sound off in the comments!