CityVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Level up your Districts to unlock specializations

By the time you reach Level 5 in Zynga's newest city-building game CityVille 2, you should have a pretty good idea of how items like businesses and homes operate, but something that still might be a mystery is the concept of Districts. At the very beginning of gameplay, you'll have access to just one District called Timonium, which comprises your entire starting area in the game. Through the game's tutorial, you'll unlock a second District that contains Rosemary's Studio and home, and from there, can continue to unlock Districts by simply playing the game.

For every item that you place in a single District, you'll have the ability to earn "Property Value" points. These points aren't earned by simply having buildings in your Districts; instead, they're earned by actually using these items. In the case of a business, for example, you would earn a Property Value point by collecting your profits from a business that had served all of its available customers.

The first level of a District is completed by earning 50 Property Value points, but you can feel free to throw all of your items into these District as you first unlock them, just to complete Level 1. By the time you complete Level 1, you'll unlock your first District Customization, giving you one of three permanent boosts to that land, depending on what you want to use that land for the in the future. Here's a breakdown of the three "Specialty" options:

Commerce - Businesses in a Commercial District earn 5% more coins upon collection

Industry - Items crafted in an Industrial District are ready 5% sooner

Housing - Houses in a Residential District generate Shoppers 5% faster

After you've chosen your specialization, you'll be able to continue upgrading your Districts, with the next step being at 200 points. You'll also see each District's billboard change as you upgrade them, reflecting the Specialization choice that you made. We'll continue to bring you all of the tips and tricks you need to play CityVille 2 on Facebook, so stay tuned!

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