ChefVille: Donate to the Food Revolution for special rewards

As part of the new cross-promotional event in ChefVille between Zynga and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, players can now donate to programs that helps fight for food education in schools. There are three packages players can purchase, ranging in price from $5 to $20 US, and each will provide them with some goodies to use once this entire event is over. Here's a breakdown of the three packages and their prices.

Energy Package - $5 US

  • Contains 35 Chef Cash and 15 Energy

  • A value of $10 if purchased separately

Topiary Package - $10 US

  • Contains 110 Chef Cash and a Topiary Decoration

  • A value of $20 if purchased separately

Garden Package - $20 US

  • Contains 240 Chef Cash and a Garden Decoration

  • A value of $40 is purchased separately

All of these promotions come with the guarantee that Zynga and Facebook will donate 100% of the purchase price to the Food Revolution cause, and players are allowed to purchase more than one package in this entire event. The catch there is that players are only allowed to purchase one package per week, but this promotion will be available until November 12, so there are chances for multiple purchases before all is said and done.

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Will you purchase any of these packages to support Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? What do you think of this overall Jamie Oliver event, including its quests? Sound off in the comments!

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