Sushi Mushi brings sushi loving puzzle monsters to iOS this month

Thanks to games like Words with Friends and Song Pop, competitive, yet casual iOS games have become all the rage, and with that in mind, Aspyr Media has announced Sushi Mushi, a competitive match-three puzzle game that will launch on iOS later this month.

Sushi Mushi sees players challenging friends and strangers alike (via Facebook Connect) to three round matches to determine whose sushi rolling skills are the best. Technically, sushi rolling is accomplished via touching and dragging on three or more like symbols causing them to be removed from the board and eventually fed to one of 10 colorful monsters. The game's asynchronous multiplayer also included "advanced moves" that offer both offensive and defensive capabilities as players compete.


Outside of multiplayer battles, players can also play in the game's single-player mode, and will be able to earn coins and complete challenges to level up through the game's "Monster Belt Level" system. Finally, a Fortune Cookie slot machine of sorts will allow players to help their friends advance just before they try to challenge them for supremacy all over again. Sushi Mushi is set to launch on iOS on November 8, and we'll have a more complete look at the game after that date. For now, check out a preview trailer of the game for more.

Are you excited to try Sushi Mushi on iOS? Do you like these multiplayer iOS games, or do you prefer simulation games like city-builders? Sound off in the comments!

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