DeNA partners with 10 new developers to expand Mobage on iOS and Android

DeNA's Mobage social network offers iOS and Android gamers a chance to find friends across dozens of different mobile games, and that catalog of available games within the Mobage catalog is set to greatly expand in the future, as DeNA has announced new partnerships with ten additional mobile/social game companies.

While existing games will be given the Mobage treatment, future games will be launched alongside the Mobage platform outright, giving existing Mobage fans a chance to discover these apps more easily they might otherwise if they simply relied on the iTunes store or top game charts.

The new developers include BigHut (Boney the Runner), Cobalt Play Games (Monster Mall), Electrified Games (Tap Tap Revenge Tour), GameCloud Studios, Joywinds, Inc. (World of Wizards), Kyy Games (Cabals: The Card Game), Massive Damage (Please Stay Calm), Oh BiBi Socialtainment, Runaway Play, and XMG Studio (Drag Racer). Runaway Play is a particularly interesting addition to the Mobage network, as the company has revealed that it's developing a mobile version of the former butterfly-themed Facebook game Flutter.

"The Mobage network provides development studios a unique opportunity to reach millions of mobile game players throughout the world," said Barry Dorf, Senior Director of Third Party at DeNA's U.S. subsidiary ngmoco, via a company release. "As a global mobile games platform leader, our dedication to building long-term partnerships has enabled us to work with some of the most esteemed developers worldwide to deliver engaging, top grossing games like Rage of Bahamut. This is an exciting time for Mobage as we strive to fulfill our commitment to bringing delight, innovation, and fun to mobile gamers."

As the Mobage network is only set to grow in the future, we'll make sure to let you know when you can enjoy a larger variety of games as more partners are announced.

Are you fans of any of these game companies and these individual iOS / Android games? Are you excited to learn that Flutter will be given new life on mobile? Sound off in the comments!

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