CityVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Craft new items in Rosemary's Studio


As you begin to expand your city in CityVille 2, you'll be introduced to Rosemary, an environmentally conscious young woman that loves nothing more than recycling and rescuing animals. She has a crafting building all to herself, full of these sorts of items, and you can use it to craft items that can be used elsewhere in your town. This "Rosemary's Studio" item is earned by first expanding out into the Bellvue District, which requires you to have 3,000 citizens to access. Here's a look at the times you can craft inside, and how to earn the ingredients necessary to complete them.

2 Bricks - 2 Bags of Sand, 1 Spare Part - 5 Minute Crafting Time

  • Bags of Sand can be earned by tending Bungalows or homes near Parks that contain Swing Sets

  • Spare Parts are earned when visiting friends

Cloth - 3 Crates, 2 Spare Parts - 5 Minute Crafting Time

  • Crates are earned when sending Supply Trucks from Warehouses

Glass - 3 Bags of Sand, 1 Fuel - 5 Minute Crafting Time

  • Fuel can be earned when tending Breakdowns or Gas Stations

  • Fuel can be made in the Auto Plant

Granola - 2 Plastic, 1 Recyclable - 24 Hour Crafting Time

  • Plastic can be earned by tending Convenience Stores

  • Plastic can be made in the Manufacturing Plant

  • Recyclables are found when visiting friends

Hammer - 2 Spare Parts, 2 Scrap Metal - 30 Minute Crafting Time

  • Scrap Metal is earned by collecting from Bungalows and Tropical Mansions

  • Scrap Metal can be made in the Manufacturing Plant

Paper - 3 Crates - 8 Minute Crafting Time

Tofu - 1 Recyclables, 1 Granola - 7 Hour Crafting Time

  • Granola must be crafted

In addition to these recipes, you'll eventually be able to craft recipes in other crafting buildings, such as the Bazaar or University which are unlocked at 10,000 or 20,000 citizens in population, respectively. As of right now, there are only five crafting building available to purchase in the store, but as the largest one requires 70,000 citizens to unlock, I'm sure this small selection will still give you plenty of things to work on as you try to unlock them all. Stay tuned for more on CityVille 2, as we'll continue to help you make the most out of your new role as mayor!

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What do you think of these crafting recipes or the entire crafting system in CityVille 2? Do you think a city-building game needs to have a crafting mechanic to succeed? Sound off in the comments!