CityVille 2 Cheats & Tips: Our guide to One Time Offers


Now that CityVille 2 is officially available to play on Facebook (and soon on, we've been able to dive into Zynga's newest city-building game, and have discovered that it comes with a "One Time Offers" system that's basically identical to that in SimCity Social. Each time you level up in CityVille 2, you'll be able to take advantage of a "one time offer" that will give you a premium item for a much cheaper price than you would have to pay normally in the store. The items still aren't free, and you'll need to spend Keys (the game's premium currency) to purchase them, but they will save you Keys if you're interested.

Keep in mind: if you close the level up window, the Key item discount will disappear and you'll have to pay full price if you want it after that point (hence the name "One Time Offers"). That being the case, you're being encouraged to keep a supply of Keys on hand at all times just in case you want one of these discounted items. We're here with a look at the game's One Time Offers, and we'll continue to update this space with further level rewards in the future. Let's get started!

Level 2: Reflecting Park - Originally 60 Keys. Discounted to 9 Keys.

Level 3: 30 Basic Buildables - Originally 180 Keys. Discounted to 27 Keys.

Level 4: 15 Energy - Originally 36 Keys. Discounted to 21 Keys.

Level 5: USA Flag Decor - Originally 4 Keys. Discounted to 2 Keys.

Level 6: Complete Apartment Building - Originally 15 Keys. Discounted to 6 Keys.

Level 7: 5 Expansion Plans - Originally 30 Keys. Discounted to 12 Keys.

It's worth noting that the game's first few discounts aren't even available to players unless they make an immediate purchase of Keys in CityVille 2, as you'll only begin with 6 Keys as of this writing. Still, we'll keep updating this space as we learn more about CityVille 2's One Time Offers, so stay tuned!

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Have you taken advantage of any of CityVille 2's level up discount offers? What do you think of CityVille 2 so far? Sound off in the comments!