Zynga Slingo: Play Ruby Blast Adventures for unlimited energy


Now that Ruby Blast Adventures has become the next big thing in Zynga's Facebook catalog, the developer wants to make sure that its existing users are in on the fun. A series of cross-promotions have started rolling out across Zynga games, with the latest stop on this promotional trail being Zynga Slingo.

Unlike other Zynga games that track overall progress based on experience point level, Ruby Blast Adventures instead tracks progress via the amount of stars you earn on each individual stage. Each level in Ruby Blast Adventures has three stars up for grabs, and if you can earn 35 in total, you'll be able to claim a tons of rewards back in Zynga Slingo.

These rewards are received in waves, but by the time you hit 35 stars in Ruby Blast Adventures, you'll have unlocked 1,000 coins, three Shamrocks, three Free Balls, one Slingo Vision, two Auto-Matches, and one day of completely free, unlimited energy back in Zynga Slingo. If you've ever wanted to catch up with your friends who have earned more Medals in Zynga Slingo than you have, this 24 hour period of unlimited energy is just the thing to help you boost yourself up to the top.

This promotion won't be available forever, so make sure to play both Ruby Blast Adventures and Zynga Slingo as soon and as often as you can to claim all of the prizes you may be eligible to receive. Good luck!

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Play Zynga Slingo on Zynga.com now >

What do you think of the prizes in this newest Zynga Slingo promotion? Have you already earned 35 stars in Ruby Blast Adventures? Sound off in the comments!