Behind the scenes of The Grinns Tale on Facebook [Exclusive Video]

The Grinns Tale
The Grinns Tale

One of the most visually interesting and charming social games to hit Facebook this year, The Grinns Tale, is slated to launch officially this November. To celebrate, developer and publisher Nexon has cooped its designers up in a room to chat about all things The Grinns Tale. We have two exclusive video developer diaries that detail two major elements that make up this RPG.

First, Nexon's Fumi Shiraishi and Pramin Phatiphong provide some interesting insight into the design of The Grinns Tale. In particular, the duo discusses the inspiration for the game's overall art style and answers a pressing question: Why the tower? The answers to both are far more simple than you think.

In this next video, Shiraishi and Phatiphong offer some kind words to the people that make such a game possible: the fans. The two talk about what fan feedback has been like, offering some interesting comparisons based on their work on previous games. The main takeaway here is that fans of The Grinns Tale are much ... kinder than others. Keep that in mind when The Grinns Tale exits its "open beta" test this November.

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