Love Halloween? 10 Truly Scary Jobs

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Are you dressing up for Halloween as your favorite rock star (think Lady Gaga in the meat ensemble she wore at the MTV Video Music Awards) or TV personality (think Dr. Oz or Charlie Sheen)? While it can be fun to step into their shoes for just a few hours and imagine how cool it is to have their job, there are some jobs out there that are downright spooky.

Glassdoor dug into the depths of its millions of job listings to seek out 10 jobs that might make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

The Top 10 Spookiest Jobs:

10. Blood Technician (Hemodialysis Technician)

Like to dabble in blood? Try your hand as a hemodialysis technician. Have an eerie obsession with human anatomy? Roll up your sleeves for this job. You'll help a variety of souls by working closely with their blood. The squeamish need not apply.

9. Hacker

Picturing an ax in hand? Think again. This type of hacker is the kind that specializes in software engineering. In fact, companies like Facebook have hacking sessions within their engineering department that focus on the site's design and development.

8. Meat Cutter

If you go mad over slicing and dicing anything in sight, then you might want to arm yourself with a sharp knife and take on the role of a meat cutter. These employees chop up the meat of dead animals for your dining pleasure. While they have a job to do, they personally don't harm any animals. RIP.

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7. Night Walker (Nocturnist)

Do you get the chills thinking of someone who walks the halls of hospitals at all hours of the night? You shouldn't. Nocturnists work the graveyard shift at hospitals to help people in pain.

6. Mortician

This creepy career deals with death from dawn to dusk. Morticians are often charged with planning all facets of a funeral with no mayhem.

5. Cockroach Caretaker (Entomologist)

This is a job for those who love the creepy and the crawly. This career puts you closely in touch with scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, roaches and even maggots, among other creatures.

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4. Shark Feeder (Aquarist)

If hungry sharks or other creatures under the sea make you scream, don't dive into this career. Aquarists are known for feeding and caring for marine animals. Watch those fingers and toes.

3. Cement Mixer (Construction Manager)

Are you dying to know what's really behind that cement wall? Don't anger one of these employees. They have the skill set to build walls around you while you're still alive. Screaming won't help.

2. Taxidermist

Think it's eerie to bring the dead back to life? While that's not exactly what taxidermists do, they do get great pleasure by mounting or reproducing dead animals for display.

1. Debt Collector

In a scary economy, there's nothing more terrifying than this -- the mystery man who comes knocking on your door for your money. A good head on your shoulders will keep him away. Just don't lose your head.

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