Should You Apply For Multiple Jobs At One Company?

apply for multiple jobs same company

I wonder if I'm the only one who applies for jobs multiple times at the same company.

It's not that I'm banging my head endlessly against certain corporate walls. These are usually companies with whom I've previously interviewed by phone or in-person. Obviously they haven't offered me jobs -- yet -- but since they've shown some interest in me in the past, I keep going back, turning up at their virtual doorsteps every time I see positions that interest and suit me.

Under the circumstances, does this make me some kind of job-seeking masochist? Am I no different than the rejected boy or girl who keeps pining for the one that got away, long after he or she left? Am I stubbornly determined to make them like me, to realize what they're missing? Am I asserting demandingly, "I will not be ignored!"?

I think I'm overanalyzing here. There's hardly a perfect analogy between persistence in the job hunt and stalking an ex.

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My rationale for trying more than once to get a job at certain companies -- in addition to the fact that these companies appeal to me -- is that, since I've gotten actual nibbles from them in the past, sooner or later I may well convince them that I'm a great match for one of their jobs.

At least, this is my reasoning when I'm feeling optimistic. In a more discouraged mood, I've thought to myself, "OK, they've got my online application now and I can almost hear them in HR: 'Oh no, not her again. Can't she take a hint?' "

But truthfully, I don't know if there's a right or wrong to this practice of mine. Should there be a limit to how many times you apply for jobs at a company before giving up and moving on? So I searched the Internet to see if there's a consensus about this.

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I was relieved to find that, in general, it seems to be perfectly fine to apply multiple times for jobs at the same company if they are jobs for which you are qualified. There were mixed opinions about whether you should apply for more than one job at once; some said it was OK if you're truly qualified for both, but others thought you might look unfocused or scattershot if you apply for very different positions at the same time.

I was even surprised to read that it's OK to reapply for a job if it's still posted, time has passed, and you haven't heard anything in response to your first application. The rationale is that, if the company's still looking, your repeat application may be reviewed by someone else or something else may have changed that results in your reconsideration.

The one thing you should not do is apply for everything that's posted at a company, whether you're qualified or not. If this is your approach, then you will not be taken seriously as a job applicant.

Something just occurred to me that should have been obvious to me but wasn't: if I've gotten a call from a company for whom I've interviewed before and been turned down, then obviously I haven't been crossed off their list!

I feel better now.

And hey, maybe the third time's the charm: I just got a call from a company that's interviewed me for two other jobs previously.

Of course, realist that I am, it could also turn out to be three strikes and I'm out.

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