CityVille Shrink Ray: Everything you need to know

If you've ever considered selling some of the largest items in your town in CityVille to save space for other things, the new CityVille Shrink Ray should allow you to free up that much needed land space while still keeping your precious (perhaps exclusive) items in your town at the same time. The Shrink Ray is available to players that have reached at least Level 30, and it can be built via a series of goals in your town. We're here with a look at these goals, so let's get started!

Shrink Your City

  • Place and Complete the Shrink Ray

  • Shrink a Building

  • Ask friends for 15 Shrink Ray Blueprints

The Shrink Ray requires multiple building materials to complete, but you can only collect one kind of ingredient at the time. There are eight stages to complete in all, starting with Dishes. You'll need eight of those to complete this first stage, and you can also collect Shrink Charges in a separate meter from various buildings in your town. If you ever want to finish a construction stage without waiting for friends' help, you can of course purchase these items with City Cash as well.

Once you've finished building the Shrink Ray, you'll be able to click on a building to see how many Shrink Crystals that particular building requires to shrink. A shrunken building will obviously transform into a smaller version of its former self, with a smaller footprint in your town, without losing its stats. If you ever wish to return one of these buildings to its original size, you will simply need to store it and then pull it back out again. When you finish this first goal, you'll receive three Shrink Crystals.

Small Improvements

  • Send 100 Paris Parcel Ships

  • Upgrade Research Lab to Level 2

  • Deliver 5,000 Goods to Buildings

A single Paris Parcel Ship takes one day to return, but if you send out multiple ships to Paris each day, you can of course speed up the completion of this goal. The rest of this goal is simply time consuming, asking you to tend buildings to the tune of 5,000 Goods in total, and asking you to upgrade your Research Lab community building by collecting building materials via the help of friends. When you complete this goal, you'll earn four Shrink Crystals.

Micro Mission

  • Collect 30 Ants

  • Increase your Population by 2,500 coins

  • Master Mushrooms to 3-Stars

If you're planning ahead, you may be able to store homes worth 2,500 citizens and then pull them out again once you reach this goal to save money and complete the task. This works with some goals, but it's not guaranteed to work all of the time. In this case, it's probably worth a shot if you think to store some buildings before reaching this third goal. Either way, you'll need to collect the Ants from Community Buildings, as they'll be dropped at random. Finally, Mushrooms take 18 hours to grow, so make sure to plant some as early and as often as you can if you haven't mastered them so far to make sure that you can complete these goals sooner, rather than later. When you complete this goal, you'll receive seven final Shrink Crystals.

Remember, only certain items can be shrunk as of this writing, but hopefully additional items are added to the "qualifying items" list before too much time has passed.

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Have you been able to shrink any items in your CityVille town, or are you still trying to finish the Shrink Ray's construction? Let us know in the comments!