ChefVille: Win 150 Chef Cash from Real California Milk


While there's no representation of Real California Milk within the actual ChefVille game on Facebook, ChefVille fans can still win 150 Chef Cash from Zynga's newest cross-promotion which will reward one lucky chef with the premium currency for submitting their best recipe using milk, cheese, butter or another dairy product.

If you're interested in entering ChefVille's newest contest, you can do so by logging into the game and clicking on the "survey" link at the top of the Facebook page, or you can simply click right here. Once you arrive at the entry page, you'll need to provide a list of ingredients, along with instructions for cooking your dish. There's unfortunately no marked "end" date for this contest, but once the contest finally ends, the winning recipe can and may be used on the ChefVille fan page, the Real California Milk fan page, in email newsletters and more. Putting it simply, if you win this contest, you had better prepare for 15 minutes of Facebook fame.

In addition to that, you'll of course receive the 150 Chef Cash, and it's always possible that a further promotion with Real California Milk could launch in the future for everyone to take part in, in-game as well. Stay tuned for more, and good luck!

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What do you think of this promotion and the Chef Cash prize? What would you spend 150 free Chef Cash on? Sound off in the comments!

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