Candy Crush Saga makes a sweet shift to iOS devices in November

Candy Crush Saga iOS
Candy Crush Saga iOS

Fans of the only true competitor to Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, Candy Crush Saga, just upped the ante. Developer has announced that Candy Crush Saga will hit iOS devices this November, complete with full Facebook synchronization for the puzzler's 4.8 million daily players on the network. Don't worry, you won't lose your precious progress in this version.

Offering players 125 levels of puzzling match-3 challenges, Candy Crush Saga on iOS will also bring with it several play modes. In this touch-controlled version, players will race against the clock, try their luck with limited moves, collect objects and remove jellies. Just like the in the original, friends will be needed to unlock later levels. Of course, the game supports micro-transactions for boosts and other game-enhancing items. And this is just the beginning for, it seems.

"Candy Crush Saga has been an extremely successful game on Facebook since it launched on the platform earlier this year – quickly becoming a top 10 game," CEO and co-founder Riccardo Zacconi said in a release. "And, with over 50 percent of Facebook's users connecting from their smartphones, Facebook has become a critical component of mobile app discovery as we look to release more Saga games on mobile."

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