Grave Maker finally launches on Facebook, just in time for Halloween


Almost a year ago, YoYo Games released a completely free-to-play demo of its upcoming Facebook game Grave Maker, which was set to release back in February of 2012. That release ultimately never happened, and instead, we're just now seeing the game make its official debut across Facebook, Android (via Google Play) and HTML5 for browsers.

Even though Grave Maker suffered from a massive delay, the game's release this October actually fits well with the Halloween holiday, as the game sees players taking on the role of grave digger / farmer, charged with growing an army of the undead to keep his land safe. Even though Grave Maker spent so much time in production, the game still feels pretty bland, and is instantly comparable to Playforge's Zombie Farm. You'll simply be asked to grow crops and minions (like skeletons, zombies, mummies and so on) and can send them into battle against the clone enemies that stand outside your "farm's" gate (interestingly, every enemy is named Andrew, and every Skeleton is named either Nigel or Nevil).


Grave Maker definitely isn't the prettiest game to look at, and its user-interface also leaves much to be desired, with no full screen camera option and active quests that are only present at the left side of the screen until you actually click on them. If you need to go back to see a quest's requirements after you've received them, you'll need to find them buried in a quest menu that you may never think to click on in the first place.

The biggest draw to Grave Maker is its cross-platform capabilities, which allow gamers to pick up their progress right where they left off across multiple devices, from their Android phone or tablet to Facebook or a basic browser window. An iPad version of the game is also in production. Ultimately though, Grave Maker doesn't really feel improved over the demo released so many months ago, and it could definitely benefit from even more time on the drawing board before being deserving of your time.

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Have you tried Grave Maker on Facebook? Did you also try the game when the demo was released last year? Do you think the game has undergone any major improvements? Sound off in the comments!

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