FarmVille Sally's Seed Shop: Everything you need to know


While the concept of crop seeds in FarmVille isn't unheard of, previous crops have been earned by either receiving them directly from friends or by creating them within the Greenhouse (as examples). Now, a new building project has been released specifically with an otherwise unavailable crop in mind, as Sally's Seed Shop will allow you to unlock seeds for a new crop called the Flame Pepper.

Sally's Seed Shop is an upgradeable building that can be collected from once per day once completed. As you collect from it, you'll earn either building materials to aid in the upgrade process, or will earn Flame Pepper Seeds. Of course, if you're just relying on the Seed Shop to give you building materials, you're in for a very long journey, but if you're willing to ask your friends for help, you can now upgrade from Stages 1-6 by collecting the materials seen below, thanks to Zynga.

Stage 1

  • 6 Flower Aprons

  • 6 Drying Racks

  • 6 Pepper Packets

Stage 2

  • 8 Flower Aprons

  • 8 Drying Racks

  • 8 Pepper Packets

Stage 3

  • 10 Flower Aprons

  • 10 Drying Racks

  • 10 Pepper Packets

Stage 4

  • 12 Flower Aprons

  • 12 Drying Racks

  • 12 Pepper Packets

Stage 5

  • 14 Flower Aprons

  • 14 Drying Racks

  • 14 Pepper Packets

Stage 6

  • 16 Flower Aprons

  • 16 Drying Racks

  • 16 Pepper Packets

As usual, these items are earned through a combination of general news posts placed and your wall and individual requests sent directly to your neighbors. You can also purchase them outright with Farm Cash, and can claim extras that your friends happen to be sharing on their news feeds as they too work on completing their own Seed Shops.

It's definitely possible that additional kinds of crops and seeds will be made available through Sally's Seed Shop, so even after you earn all three stars of mastery for the Flame Pepper, it's definitely worth keeping this building around. Good luck building your very own Sally's Seed Shop and mastering this new crop!

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What do you think of this Sally's Seed Shop building? Will you try to master this Flame Pepper crop, or are you going to work on mastering other previously released crops first? Sound off in the comments!