FarmVille Mystery Seedling Nursery: Everything you need to know

If you've good use of your Mystery Baby Nursery in FarmVille, which allows you to store your Mystery Babies and feed them without having them scattered all over your farms, you'll likely appreciate tonight's launch of the Mystery Seedling Nursery which comes with a similar function, but for trees instead of animals. This Mystery Seedling Nursery will be given to you for free the next time you login to your game, and you'll need to collect a series of building materials before putting it to use. We're here with a guide to completing this Nursery, thanks to Zynga, so let's get started!

The Mystery Seedling Nursery requires 45 items to finish: 15 each of Fertilizer Stakes, Seedling Trays and Mulch. All three of these items can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests sent directly to your FarmVille neighbors. You can also purchase these items with Farm Cash. Finally, you can earn items by clicking on news feed posts shared by your friends as they complete their own Mystery Seedling Nurseries, but your luck with gathering ingredients through this method will vary.

The initial capacity of the Mystery Seedling Nursery is 20 trees, but it can be upgraded twice. For the first upgrade, you'll need 20 of each part and will have a Mystery Seedling Nursery that holds 30 Seedlings. The final upgrade boosts the capacity to 40 trees, but only after you've collected 25 of each building material from friends, which is unfortunately a pretty time consuming task.

Regardless of how long it takes you finish your Mystery Seedling Nursery, when it is complete, you'll be able to move Mystery Seedlings from your Gift Box into the Nursery where they can watered and grown into complete trees. These new trees will go into your Gift Box, allowing you to place them on any farm, and not just the farm you've grown them on. This is extremely exciting, as it will allow you to grow all trees in one place and then transfer themed trees to farms that you may not have the shipping licenses for. Additionally, you can harvest the Mystery Seedling Nursery itself for free water to help you grow more trees. Good luck growing a few Nurseries of your own!

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