FarmVille Haunted Hollow Chapter 7 Goals: Everything you need to know

Halloween is just a few days away, and the folks at Zynga are ensuring that we have plenty to do in FarmVille to occupy our time leading up to the holiday as we've seen the release of a brand new chapter of goals in the game's Haunted Hollow expansion. We've reached Chapter 7 in this farm's storyline, which comes with six quests to complete over the next seven days. We're here with a complete guide on finishing these quests, thanks to Zynga, so let's get started!

Best When Batty

  • Get 6 Frost Nectars

  • Harvest 175 Green Toadstools

  • Make Stink Bomb 3 Times

For this Frost Nectars task and all other tasks that ask you to "get" a certain number of a specific item, you'll need to ask your friends to send you these collectibles via either general news posts on your wall or individual requests sent directly to friends. As for the Green Toadstools, they take 12 hours to grow. Finally, a Stink Bomb can be crafted within the Potion Shop in Haunted Hollow using one Ghoul Garlic, one Bell Pepper and two Zombie bushels. You'll need to have at least a

three-star Potion Shop to reach this recipe though, so make sure to craft as many item as you can, as often as you can, to continue to upgrade the Potion Shop. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 150 XP, a White Bat and 3,000 coins.

Witchly Wealth Keeping

  • Get 8 Witch Chests

  • Harvest 200 Spectre Berries

  • Make Invisibility Potion 3 times

The Spectre Berries take a full day to grow, so your best bet is to plant those as soon as you're done with the Green Toadstools above, even if you're still waiting to craft your Stink Bombs, so that you won't have to wait as long after actually reaching this second goal to make even more progress. This long harvest time also gives you a chance to craft those Invisibility Potions, which require one Wormwood, one Green Toadstool and two Aloe Vera bushels each. When you finish this second goal, you'll receive 200 XP, a Dark Jewel Tree and 3,500 coins.

Treetop Treating

  • Get 8 Twilight Twigs

  • Harvest 225 Zombies

  • Make Fire Brew 3 Times

Fire Brews are yet another item that can be crafted within your Potion Shop, with a single batch requiring two Spectre Berry, one Sage and two Jalapenos to create. Since each one takes six hours to craft, that gives you time to allow the Zombies to grow. Zombies take 12 hours to completely grow, so this is another case where you might want to plant future required crops as soon as you harvest the previous ones in order to plan ahead. Completing this goal rewards you with 250 XP, a Tree Tower and 4,000 coins.


  • Get 8 Amalgums

  • Harvest 250 Sage

  • Make Lucky Charm 3 Times

Sage takes a full day to grow, and in that time, you can craft the Lucky Charms using three Tombstone, two Green Toadstool and one Lavender bushel each. Remember, you'll need to ask your friends for the Amalgums, as with all of these other goal collectibles, so make the most of your daily requests to make the most progress possible in the shortest amount of time. You'll receive 300 XP, an Owl Bear and 4,500 coins for completing this goal.

Happy Everything!

  • Get 9 Allseason Seeds

  • Harvest 250 Wormwood

  • Master White Bat to 1-Star

The second you win the White Bat in the first goal in this series, you'll want to place it in any animal building that you have open storage spaces in, and will then need to make sure that you collect from that building once per day to earn the first star of mastery. Meanwhile, the Wormwood takes two days to grow, so make sure you plant as much as you can at once so that you hopefully won't have to wait four days to actually finish this goal. If you do find yourself in that position, the rest of this goal series will likely be incredibly difficult to complete in time. You'll receive 350 XP, a Seasons Tree and 5,000 coins when you finish this goal.

Colt in Crystal

  • Get 10 Witch's Glues

  • Harvest 250 Sage

  • Make Werewolf's Bane 2 Times

Again, the Sage takes a full day to grow, but you can obviously work on completing this goal's other tasks while you're waiting for the Sage to grow. With that in mind, the Werewolf's Bane can be crafted in the Potion Shop using one Phantom Frond, one Wormwood and two Coffee bushels. You'll need at least a four-star Potion Shop to access this recipe. Completing this goal gives you 400 XP, a Crystal Ball Horse and 5,500 coins.

As a reminder, you'll only have a week to finish these six goals, so this is yet another feature that will require strategy and a lot of time management to complete in time. Good luck completing these goals before they expire!

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