CityVille: Trick or Treat this Halloween to support Save the Children

If you're feeling generous this Halloween, you can now donate to Save the Children via a themed Trick or Treat event that has launched in CityVille. For players level 10 and up, a new goal is available to complete called simply Trick or Treat, but whether or not you want to actually complete this feature is entirely voluntary. We're here with a guide to this promotion, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!


  • Build the Trick or Treat House

  • Trick 5 Friends

  • Treat 5 Friends

This event gives you a chance to purchase up to three premium homes that both boost your maximum ghost population allowance and come with a matching amount of ghost citizens for your town. All of these must be purchased outright, and can't simply be purchased with any City Cash you have accumulated in the past. Here's the rundown of the three homes, including their prices:

Trick or Treat Estate - $20

  • Population Allowance - 4,000 Ghosts

  • Population - 4,000 Ghosts

  • Rent: 2,000 coins every eight hours

Trick or Treat Mansion - $15

  • Population Allowance - 2,500 Ghosts

  • Population - 2,500 Ghosts

  • Rent: 2,000 coins every eight hours

Trick or Treat House - $10

  • Population Allowance - 2,000 Ghosts

  • Population - 2,000 Ghosts

  • Rent: 2,000 coins every eight hours

While this goal asks you to build the Trick or Treat House, you'll unlock the actual Trick or Treat feature by purchasing any of the three. At this point, you can choose your specific friends to trick or treat via your neighbor bar, and will be taken to their city to finish the task. If you choose to treat neighbors, you'll see something reflecting that with candy bowls, while tricking your neighbors is represented by a flying roll of toilet paper.

Completing both five tricks and five treats in your neighbors' cities will reward you with the Haunted Playground, a large decoration that offers a 15% payout boost to surrounding items, and an additional 15% boost to Halloween items. Be careful when it comes to this item, as it can't be placed into your inventory and must be stored if you wish to remove it after the Halloween season has ended. Don't simply delete it, assuming it will bounce back into your inventory, as you'll lose this exclusive item forever.

Remember, this entire Save the Children feature is voluntary, and you don't have to spend money to continue playing the game. You won't gain access to the trick or treating feature (as of this writing), but if you do choose to donate, you can do so knowing that 100% of the purchase price will be donated to Save the Children. This promotion will end on November 5, so make your donations fast!

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What do you think of this Trick or Treat event in association with Save the Children? Will you donate to receive any of these high population residences? Sound off in the comments!