ChefVille A Garlic You Quests: Everything you need to know

While you still may be working on ChefVille's Halloween quests, Zynga has already released something else for you to tackle after you're done, or just on the side. The game's latest update sees the release of a Garlic Stand upgrade that can now be unlocked in your restaurant via a five-part quest series called "A Garlic You."

Get Ready for Garlic

  • Upgrade your Garlic Stall to Level 2

  • Collect 2 Times from the Upgraded Garlic Stall

  • Tend 3 Neighbors' Garlic Stalls

The Garlic Stall upgrade can be completed by collecting 12 building materials via the help of your friends. You'll need three each of Grocery Bags, Vegetable Stands, Rustic Wooden Boxes, and Nifty Napkins, with the Grocery Bags and Vegetable Stands being earned through individual requests sent directly to your friends. The Nifty Napkins and Rustic Wooden Boxes, meanwhile, can be earned by posting general news posts on your wall.

Luckily, Garlic Stalls are massive items, so you should have no problem spotting three of them when visiting friends. As for collecting from your own Garlic Stall, it can be tended once every five minutes, so the most time consuming portion of this entire quest is definitely collecting the upgrade building materials in the first place. Once you've finished the upgrade to the Garlic Stand, you can collect from it for a chance to win two ingredients including Asparagus, Potatoes and more, in addition to Garlic. You'll also receive 10 XP, 15 coins and three energy for completing this quest.

Open and Cloved

  • Cook 6 Steak Florentine

  • Get 6 Pop-Up Tents

  • Collect 10 Times from the Garlic Stall

The Pop-Up Tents are earned by asking your friends to send them to you via individual requests. Meanwhile, the Steak Florentine can be cooked inside the Brick Oven. Finally, you'll need to collect from the upgraded Garlic Stall 10 times, but thankfully, friends' Garlic Stalls also count for this quest, so you can finish this particular task off easily without waiting for your own stall to recharge. This quest series will continue to grow in the future, as we learn more about what makes these quests tick.

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What do you think of this Garlic Stand and its new upgrade? Have you already upgraded your Garlic Stall, or are you still waiting on building materials to be sent by your friends? Sound off in the comments!

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