Anonymous targets Zynga, leaks documents detailing 800 layoffs

Anonymous targets Zynga
Anonymous targets Zynga

Then again, this is Anonymous we're talking about here. The impassioned if woefully disorganized hacktivist group has Zynga as its next lucky target on what seems to be its global holiday, Guy Fawkes Day on Nov. 5. The group publicly posted its plan to effectively shut down the FarmVille house, claiming that it not only has access to confidential documents that call for 800 more layoffs across the company, but to its library of games.

Here's a quote from the transcript of a confidential document sent around by upper-level management that Anonymous claims to have access to: "Following the preliminary announced of this week the final strategy for the next two quarters has been successfully set to delivery by november 23 an additional but of 800 jobs with further raising of new capital from the market to support businesses."

Now, does that read like the language of a major, publicly-traded gaming company? No, it reads as if a 5-year-old or someone that clearly isn't fluent in English wrote it. The alleged document, which Zynga declined to comment on, goes on to project acquisitions to help the company's ailing mobile presence.

And this is just phase one of Anonymous's "OP maZYNGA" plan to bring Zynga to its knees come Nov. 5. It's tough not to take this with a grain of salt, considering the majority of threats from Anonymous amount in nothing. Then again, this is the largest community of hackers worldwide, so anything can happen.

[Via Business Insider]

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