9 Scary Halloween Movie Villains: How Much They Earn From Their 'Day Jobs'

salaries hollywood halloween villains
salaries hollywood halloween villains

Among scary Halloween movie villains, Freddy Krueger of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" series perhaps had the cushiest job: maintaining a boiler at a generating plant on the outskirts of charming Springwood, Ohio. A simple gig, it's an occupation that typically pays well. What's more, it left him plenty of time to pursue his true passion, fashioning the ultimate weapon to torture and kill his victims.

Yes, of course, we're being in tongue-in-cheek. In honor of Halloween, AOL Jobs has compiled a list of famous, murderous movie villains and their supposed professions just to get a sense of what they would make at their day jobs. We've also provided forecasts for job growth in each field, just in case you should feel like following in their bloody footsteps.