SimCity Social: Invest in Diamond Vaults for long-term rewards


If you've already made large Diamond investments in SimCity Social, you're likely looking for a way to make your Diamonds last longer, and make your progress throughout the game a bit easier. Well, if you're willing to spend another bundle of Diamonds to achieve that goal, one of two Diamond Vaults might be worth your while. These Diamond Vaults obviously cost Diamonds to purchase, but they also allow you to collect Diamonds from them once per day, without a time limit.

The Small Diamond Vault, for instance, costs 180 Diamonds to purchase, has a clean pollution rating, and will allow you to collect up to 10 Diamonds each day from it. If you're willing to pay that price, you'll also need to accept that you might not earn 10 Diamonds everyday, and might actually earn less. Still, this is a guaranteed way to earn Diamonds everyday that will eventually turn a profit if you continue to play the game over the long term.

The Large Diamond Vault is a similar item that costs 360 Diamonds to purchase and can also be tended once per day. Here though, this clean pollution building will give you up to 15 Diamonds per day, increasing your potential profits if you happen to be lucky enough to actually earn those 15 Diamonds each day that you play. Obviously, both of these items are only recommendable to the most truly dedicated players, but even then, the Small Diamond Vault seems like a better option, simply because it's cheaper. That is, is the potential for five extra Diamonds a day worth paying double the price for the Large Diamond Vault? That choice will ultimately be up to you, and you can make that choice as slowly as you want, since these items come with no displayed time limit in the store.

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What do you think of these Diamond Vaults? Will you purchase either one of them for your city? If you have, have you been receiving the full 10/15 Diamonds each day? What's your current rate of return on average? Sound off in the comments!

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