Pioneer Trail Auction Block: Everything you need to know


If you're still a dedicated Pioneer Trail player, you likely have a ton of unwanted items, that you haven't sold either because you haven't been able to, or you never knew if you might need those excess items sometime down the line. If you're finally looking to get rid of some unwanted items, though, why not do so via the new in-game Auction Block and earn some free Mystery Crates for yourself in the process? That's right, players Level 17 and above are being encouraged to ditch old items for special Mystery Crates, and we're here with a guide on this entire feature (which includes goals), thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Frontier Auction

  • Clear 8 Debris

  • Tend 20 Adult Goats

  • Place the Auction Block

The Debris can be anything from grass to cacti, but if you don't have any debris currently growing on your Homestead, make sure to look in your inventory to see if you have some you could place and then instantly tend. As for the Goats task, these must be Goats that you tend on your own land, and not in your friends'. When you complete this first goal, you'll receive 500 XP, an Olive Tree and two Steel Forges.

Black and White

  • Tend 20 Adult Cows on Neighbors' Homesteads

  • Auction Any Item

  • Help Jack Sell His Zebra

The Cows must be tended within your friends' games, but if you friends have all of their animals in storage, you can either ask them to pull some back out, or you can visit Jack's Homestead for some that can be tended each day. As for the Auction screen, you'll be able to click on arrows to scroll through a list of available items that you own that you can sell, or you can search through your inventory for a specific item that you know you no longer want. At that point, the game will assign a coin value to that item and you'll see what sorts of crate(s) you'll be eligible for. Finally, selling Jack's Zebra turns this into a standard building project, as you must ask your friends for building materials, craft items like Zebra Brushes (using Hog Bristles and Brush Bases), and more. Finishing this second goal gives you a Black Bear Cub, four Baby Carrots and a Zebra!

All That Glitters

  • Tend 10 Zebras on your Homestead

  • Harvest 40 Baby Carrots

  • Help Jack Sell His Gold Spittoon

Luckily, you just received a Zebra via the last goal, so head into your inventory and pull it out as quickly as you can to tend it 10 times. While you're waiting for your Zebra to continually become hungry, you can work on completing the second stage of the Auction Block "construction," as you'll need to collect items like Polishing Rags and Gold Certificates from friends, craft Marble Bases, and otherwise collect a slew of other ingredients to eventually sell the Gold Spittoon. You'll receive two Pink Lilies, a Lumber Tree Serum and that very Gold Spittoon for finishing this goal.

Pondering and Such

  • Harvest 40 Pink Lilies

  • Tend 35 Adult Ducks

  • Help Jack Sell His Cement Pond

This goal works just as the others do, requiring you to tend Adult Ducks only on your own Homestead and collect more building materials to finish off the "selling" of the Cement Pond. In this case, you'll need to craft items like Kiddie Floats and Pond Skimmers using a variety of ingredients from Wire Rings and Fishing Nets to Canvas Bags and Cork Chunks. Remember, if you're looking for a specific ingredient, just head into its crafting menu and then look at a specific item for tips on where to earn them. Completing this goal gives you three Blackberry Bushes, a Cement Pond and Coach Keys.

A Trip and a Bath

  • Tend 35 Adult Oxen

  • Harvest 80 Corn

  • Help Jack Sel His Hot Tub Stagecoach

With both the Oxen and Corn tasks, you'll need to complete these on your own Homestead, rather than relying on your friends. The Stagecoach is the last step in this Auction goal series, and you'll need the Coach Keys that you received at the end of the last goal to finish it off. You'll also need to once again collect a ton of items and even craft others via the help of friends, as seen below. When you complete this last goal, you'll receive 2,000 XP, the Hot Tub Stagecoach and will unlock the Auction Block for further use.

After this goal series is complete, you'll be able to trade in up to five unwanted items each day for Mystery Crates, the contents of which are unfortunately still a mystery. If we learn more about what you can expect to earn from these crates, we'll make sure to let you know.

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What do you think of this Auction Block in Pioneer Trail? Do you have a lot of items you could stand to part with, or do you like collecting everything? Sound off in the comments!