How Did Linn Energy Do?

The following video is part of our "Motley Fool Conversations" series, in which analyst Paul Chi and senior analyst Matt Argersinger discuss topics around the investing world.

Recently, Linn Energy reported third-quarter results. The headline number spoke of a $430 million loss, but that's due to wild fluctuations thanks to its hedging program. The value of these hedges must be marked to market, so they produce wild swings in quarterly income. Looking deeper, earnings of $0.45 a share beat expectations of $0.26. That's not surprising, given the hedges that lock in cash flows. Future quarters should also show stable underlying earnings thanks to the fully hedged production.

In today's video, Paul and Matt discuss Linn's results and the impact of Linn's new spinoff, Linn Co., which was one of the major topics of discussion in the company's latest earnings call. Watch the video for the full details.

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