FarmVille Fortune Teller: Everything you need to know

A brand new event has launched in FarmVille, giving players a chance to deal with the past, present and future by collecting Tarot Cards for their Fortune Teller booth. This feature is like a puzzle: You need to collect dozens or even hundreds of Tarot Cards that fall into one of three categories. From there, players must determine the right combinations of those three types of cards in order to win 10 prizes.

First things first, you can place the Fortune Teller booth for free, and it comes assembled. You'll be given a starting allowance of Tarot Cards to get your bearings within the event, as you'll receive four Past Tarot Cards, two Present Tarot Cards and two Future Tarot Cards. This is the exact amount of cards you'll need to receive the first of 10 prizes in this event: the Old Telescope. This is also the smallest supply of each card that can be used to make a guess at earning the other nine prizes.

Unfortunately, you might need to rely on a bit of trial and error as you try to combine different amounts of each card to earn prizes, but you can earn all three for free by asking your friends to send them to you. Past Tarot Cards are earned by sending out individual requests to your FarmVille neighbors, while Present and Future Tarot Cards can be earned by posting general news posts to your wall. You can ask for Present Cards once every four hours, but must wait eight hours in between requests for Future Cards. Of course, if you don't want to wait for any of these, you can also buy individual cards with Farm Cash.

Thankfully, other farmers have found some of the combinations for these items (there might be more than one combination for the same prize), and they're sharing help over on the game's official forums. Here's the lineup of prizes that are available to earn, and their combinations where available.

  • Floating Mirror - 8 Past, 7 Present, 2 Future

  • Gypsy Wagon - 8 Past, 5 Present, 2 Future

  • Abandoned Sundial - 10 Past, 10 Present, 4 Future

  • Paper Fire Tree - 15 Past, 31 Present, 5 Future

  • Baby Carnival Elephant - 25 Past, 25 Present, 5 Future

  • Celestial Horse - 30 Past, 20 Present, 10 Future

  • Purple Panther - 22 Past, 18 Present, 11 Future

Again, there might be more than one combination that will reward you with the a specific prize, and there are also prizes whose combinations are still unknown. We'll make sure to stay on top of things and will update as we confirm more combinations for additional prizes. May fortune be in your favor in winning them all.

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What do you think of this Fortune Teller in FarmVille? Do you know any combinations that we haven't listed above? Sound off in the comments!