CityVille Pumpkin Festival: Everything you need to know

I hope you like multitasking, as that's what CityVille mayors are being asked to do with this year's Halloween event. Not only is there a complete three act saga of goals to tackle, but there are also new items to build in the store and other goals that continue to be released practically on a daily basis. One such release sees players being asked to expand their land out to the Jack-O-Lantern Festival, with the promise of Witch Potions and other rewards coming on the other side. We're here with a complete guide on this Jack-O-Lantern / Pumpkin Festival feature, thanks to Zynga, so let's get started!

Carve It Up

  • Expand to the Jack-O-Lantern Festival

  • Ask friends for 20 Carving Patterns

  • Collect 25 Pumpkin Candles

The Jack-O-Lantern Festival (or Pumpkin Festival, as it's also sometimes called) can be found anywhere from 1-3 squares out from your town's current city limits, depending on how much you've already expanded your town previously. You'll need to gain population and Zoning Permits in order to reach it through the game's standard gameplay. That is, you'll need to ask your friends for Zoning Permits and will spend them when you expand, starting the cycle all over again. If you still need to build up your population or Zoning Permit supply, you can use that extra time to also ask your friends for the Carving Patterns, which can be earned through general news posts placed on your wall.

Finally, the Pumpkin Candles are earned at random when tending "Pumpkin" buildings. You can find qualifying buildings by heading into the store and looking under the "Pumpkin Theme" in the store's Specials drop-down menu. There are only a few items that are available to purchase with coins, including the Swamp Shanty and Zombie Frat House, but you can add much more variety to your town if you choose to purchase items with City Cash. That's still entirely voluntary, of course, but it's something to keep in mind. When you complete this goal, you'll receive 100,000 coins and 10 Witch Potions.

Once you've unlocked the Jack-O-Lantern Festival, it's also worth nothing that this community building can be upgraded. The building starts by offering you 1,780 citizens to your town's maximum population cap, but after being upgraded with 10 Cloaks and 10 Umbrellas (both of which are earned with friends' help), it will offer an allowance for 590 ghost citizens as well. It's likely that this ghost population will be absorbed back into our "normal" population after this Halloween event ends, just like last year, so keep that in mind as well. Good luck reaching your Jack-O-Lantern Festival before Halloween!

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What do you think of this Jack-O-Lantern Festival? Will you work to expand your town to this square before time runs out, or is this one item you're willing to skip out on earning? Sound off in the comments!