Bubble Safari Halloween Spooktacular: Everything you need to know

Just in time for Halloween, bubble shooters everywhere can now participate in a Halloween Spooktacular event in Bubble Safari. This event sees players collecting candy, building pumpkins and completing missions to earn sweepstakes entries for a grand prize that anyone would love. We're here with a look at this event, so let's get started!

First things first, players can now collect pieces of candy by simply playing Bubble Safari. Bubbles will contain candy at the top of the screen, and when they're dropped, you'll have a chance for the candy to drop into the three barrels at the bottom of the screen. If it does, it will go towards your supply of candy back at the main menu, earning you one of three rewards at different candy milestones.

200 Pieces of Candy - 100 coins
400 Pieces of Candy - 200 coins
600 Pieces of Candy - 300 coins

On top of that, you can now work on completing Flaming Pumpkins, which can be built through quests. The first time you click on the build now button above, for instance, you'll be taken to a quest asking you to get three Seeds and three Wands. Both of these items can be earned with friends' help, as you'll need to post a general request on your wall for the Seeds and send out some individual requests for the Wands.

While you're waiting for those items to arrive, you can continue to work on earning rewards and sweepstakes entries through a series of Halloween Spooktacular missions. The first mission, as an example, simply asks you to complete Level 18 with at least one star. Since most players are far past this point anyway, you'll instantly earn prizes like bubbles, coins, bombs and other power-ups. If you can complete this entire series of 12 missions within the next five days (as this event is unfortunately timed), you'll win the grand prize which contains 50 entries into the game's Halloween sweepstakes, a Permanent Level Peek, 10 Safari Cash, 1,000 coins, three Boost Bubbles and 15 energy.

Remember, completing missions and Flaming Pumpkins in this event will see you earning sweepstakes tickets, with the overall sweepstakes expiring in six days. For each ticket you earn, you'll have a chance to win one of three prizes: 1,000 players will earn 100 Safari Cash, while 100 players will win a permanent Extended Aim ability on their accounts. The grand prize for the sweepstakes is 10,000 Safari Cash, which should be enough to keep you in bubble-popping bliss for quite some time. Remember though, you can't win these prizes if you don't play the game, so make sure to play as often as you can throughout the next week to increase your chances of winning. Good luck!

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