MyTown 2 Getaways: When app updates go bad


Around a year ago, iOS developer Booyah released MyTown 2, an update to the original MyTown that allows players to build a town of their dreams using real world businesses to earn virtual money. Now, Booyah has released MyTown 2 Getaways, a brand new app that will carry over your original progress, but with some interesting additions and reductions when compared to the first game.

MyTown 2 initially sounds worth the update, as you can bring over your progress from your first town, but can now build in two additional locations: a beach and lakefront. Players can also complete a variety of new collections for exclusive rewards not available in the store, and they can build water-themed content.

Unfortunately, MyTown 2 Getaways comes with the same major problem faced by so many other Booyah games: it constantly crashes. This is especially concerning, as the app has already been updated with "improved performance" just this week, which apparently did nothing other than clear up some formerly blurry graphics. While social features are still available, and you can still visit your friends, there's also the chance that you might lose some of your money in the transition into this new game. In my own personal experience, for instance, I left MyTown 2 with around 50,000 coins, and started MyTown 2 Getaways with 16,000, indicating some sort of bug in the transition process.

Ultimately, MyTown 2 Getaways is another example of a game that has the best of intentions, but probably shouldn't be downloaded until it's updated a few more times.

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Have you downloaded MyTown 2 Getaways? Have you had any of the many problems that other users are facing? Let us know in the comments!